Ramp up the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Does your home welcome you at the end of a long day? Is it looking a bit tired and desolate?  Just a few years of deferred maintenance can result in a home losing its curb appeal. With a little elbow grease and a few weekends you can easily bring your home back up to date and create the welcoming curb appealing you’re seeking. Follow these recommendations from the real estate experts and gardening gurus to get started.

Begin by walking through your neighborhood and taking notice of those homes that seem to stand out in a positive way. What components are appealing to you, could be replicated on your home and would fit the architecture and lot characteristics of your home? After you’ve completed a bit of recon and research, stand across the street from your home and take notes on the items that need attention. Make a list of needed materials from your notes and take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and head to Home Depot to select your gardening and home improvement supplies.

homeBegin your transformation by taming and update your landscaping. Trim all the shrubbery to at least one foot below the height of the windows. Cut tree branches to at least ten feet above the ground to allow for easy passage and grass to grow. Retrench and edge beds and apply fresh pine straw or pine bark as needed. Power-wash the driveway and walk ways. Select an area by the foot of the drive way and at the front porch for a bed of fresh bedding flowers for an added pop of welcoming color.

Address any deferred maintenance issues with the shutters, gutters doors and windows. Shine the windows on the interior and exterior. Select a fresh coat of pain for the shutters and front door that compliments the exterior color of the home. Update the house numbers, mail box and porch lighting as needed. As a final touch, place a planter of colorful flowers by the front door and invest in a new welcome mat. find more info coming from http://www.professorplumbtexas.com

Stand across the street from your home and admire your work. No doubt you’ve succeeded in substantially increasing the curb appeal of you home. Congratulations and welcome home!


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