The Role and Value of Traditional Radiators in the Home

Traditional radiators are making a serious impact when it comes to the cost of heating homes with more people than ever realizing just how much they can save by installing them. Home-owners see their energy bills fall when they fit these stylish sources of heat in their homes. Traditional radiators boast a unique design that guarantees the heat produced is evenly radiated throughout a room and as a bonus, they add a cachet of style to a home. The role and value of traditional radiators in the home has never been so appreciated as it is today.Read her latest blog post to get updates.

The perfect solution for low windowsills

Brilliant Design That Saves Money

The unique design of traditional cast iron radiators has always meant the heat they produce is more evenly radiated and although they may take slightly longer to heat up, they take that much longer to cool down too. In short, cast iron radiators still exude an even heat long after the boiler has been turned off. The result is a lower heating bill but a warmer room for a longer time.

Radiators can be Independently Controlled

The other beauty of having traditional cast iron radiators installed into your property is that each radiator can be controlled independently of the others. If you don’t need to heat a room or two as much as other rooms, you can simply adjust the radiators’ thermostat to a chosen temperature. This again allows home-owners to keep their bills down because they have the option of warming the rooms they are using and other rooms can have the radiators “ticking over” and set to simply take the chill off it.

A great choice of modern fittings for traditional radiators

Traditional Radiators Add a Cachet of Style to a Home

Apart from being incredibly energy efficient, traditional radiators add a certain cachet and style to a home. The great thing is you can choose a design and finish to suit the décor of a particular room and the radiator becomes a real feature which is something Interior Designers have been doing for years is to use a classic cast iron radiator as a focal point in a room.get more additional information at

A Tremendous Choice of Finishes & Designs

When it comes to finishes and designs, there’s a superb choice on the market which makes it so much easier to source a traditional radiator to suit existing décors whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, bedroom or lounge.

A Great Solution for Difficult Spaces

Traditional radiators come in all shapes and sizes which means even those awkward spaces where conventional, modern radiators cannot be fitted, a cast iron one can be installed to solve the problem. Whether it’s a low windowsill or a narrow hallway, there’s a traditional radiator out there that will get rid of cold spots in your home.

Modern Technology Meets Traditional Design

The wonderful design of traditional cast iron radiators when paired to modern day technology means home-owners can now choose to heat their homes in style whilst at the same time keeping their energy bills down. The modern make on cast iron radiators sees them fitted with high tech fittings. These allow users to set thermostats on individual radiators so they come on at certain times of the day or night. This allows home-owners to heat up a bedroom thirty minutes before going to bed so they never have to go into a cold room ever again.


Traditional radiators

Traditional radiators are classic designs that look good in a home whether it’s a period property or more modern house. As an added bonus they help keep bills down because they boast being incredibly energy efficient. You can choose a design to suit any room in your home whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, lounge or bedroom and the choice of finishes is tremendous which is why the role and value of traditional radiators in the home is something definitely worth considering.


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